Questions to ask a builder when building an extension

Embarking on a home extension project is both exciting and daunting. It requires meticulous planning, a clear vision, and, most critically, the right builder. To ensure your project proceeds smoothly and meets your expectations, it’s crucial to ask potential builders the right questions. Drawing from insights across informative blog posts, here are specific questions that will help you select the perfect builder for your extension project.

“Could you showcase some of your previous extension projects that mirror the specifications and style of my own?” 

Seeing their portfolio of past projects provides insight into the builder’s design versatility, attention to detail, and overall quality of work. It allows you to visualize what your finished extension might look like and assess whether their style aligns with your expectations. Additionally, it can offer inspiration and confidence in their ability to replicate or innovate upon your desired extension design.

“What is your strategy for addressing alterations in project scope and navigating unforeseen obstacles?”

A skilled contractor should have a straightforward and proactive method for dealing with changes and unforeseen challenges that occur during the construction phase.This includes regular communication with you about any required adjustments, their impact on the timeline and budget, and their strategy for minimizing disruptions. Their ability to adapt to and efficiently resolve unexpected issues is crucial for maintaining project momentum and achieving the desired outcome.

“What insurance policies do you hold, and what aspects are included in your warranty?” 

Verifying that the builder carries extensive insurance, encompassing both public liability and workers’ compensation, safeguards you and the builder from potential accidents and damages. The warranty specifics, such as what defects or issues are covered and the duration of coverage, are vital for your long-term satisfaction and the project’s success. It’s essential to have clarity on these matters upfront to avoid any future disputes or surprises.

“How do you ensure compliance with local construction standards and navigate the permit acquisition process?” 

The builder should demonstrate a thorough understanding of local building codes and the permitting process, which is crucial for legal compliance and avoiding potential penalties. They should explain how they stay updated on regulatory changes and their method for efficiently obtaining all necessary permits before commencing work. Their familiarity with local requirements can significantly influence the smooth progression and approval of your project.

“What is the projected timeline for my extension, and how do you handle delays?’’

A transparent and feasible schedule is crucial for organizing and setting expectations for everyone engaged in the project.The builder should outline how they plan to schedule the work phases, manage the construction crew, and what contingency plans they have in place for potential delays caused by weather, supply chain issues, or other unforeseen factors. Their approach to communicating and mitigating delays is indicative of their project management skills and respect for your time and investment.

“Can you furnish a detailed cost estimate and outline the payment terms you operate under?”

A detailed and broken-down quote provides clear insight into how your investment is utilized, helping you to make educated decisions about your budget management.The builder should clearly explain the payment schedule, including any deposits required, milestone payments, and the final balance, ensuring there are no hidden fees or surprises. Understanding the financial aspects in detail will help you budget effectively and ensure financial alignment throughout the project.

“What support do you provide after the project is completed, especially if there are any problems?” 

Post-completion support is crucial for addressing any issues that may arise after the builders have left the site. The builder should detail the process for reporting and resolving post-completion issues, the coverage of their aftercare service, and the duration for which they provide support. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction even after the job concludes is a mark of a reputable builder.

“How do you integrate eco-friendly practices into your construction methods?”

 With growing environmental concerns, understanding a builder’s commitment to sustainability can align your project with eco-friendly principles. They should discuss their use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient construction techniques, and any waste reduction practices they employ. A builder’s dedication to minimizing the environmental impact of your extension not only benefits the planet but can also lead to long-term savings and a healthier living space for you.



Selecting the right builder for your home extension is crucial for achieving your desired outcome. By asking these specific questions, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of each builder’s capabilities, approach, and values. This not only helps you make an informed decision but also sets the stage for a successful and collaborative extension project. Remember, a great builder will not hesitate to provide clear, detailed answers, demonstrating their transparency, expertise, and commitment to quality.

By addressing these specific areas through targeted questions, you’re more likely to identify a builder who aligns with your project requirements and expectations, ensuring a successful home extension.

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